Wish Less, Work More

This morning I had the sweetest conversation with my second grader. We were driving to school talking about grades and subjects in school and report cards... She's struggling a little bit with math, and she didn't get the grade she wanted on her report card. Her sister is in Kindergarten and hasn't received her report… Continue reading Wish Less, Work More

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Productivity Secrets

When you’re your own boss, sometimes being productive can be a challenge. We get distracted or put other things in front of business-building activities. I don’t know about you, but there has been a few times where I have looked up and said, “Oh crap. I haven’t worked on my business in two weeks!” This… Continue reading Productivity Secrets

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Social Media 101

Chances are, you are already on Social Media… and if you’re anything like us, you might be on it a lot! In our experience, the best way to have success in Network marketing is to have a healthy balance of belly-to-belly networking and a professional social media presence. We’re here to help you with both!… Continue reading Social Media 101


3 Strategies to Stay Focused

Do you find yourself getting lost in your to-do's for your business? Pulled into multiple directions like playdates, coffee appointments, phone calls and ballet or soccer? I totally hear you, girlfriend. I've been there- still get there on some days. But when I find myself a little scatter brained, I fix myself a big cup… Continue reading 3 Strategies to Stay Focused

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[How To] The 5 P’s to Rock Your Home Meeting

Whether you're just getting started in your home-based business or have been learning the ropes for quite some time, events will help you take it to the next level. Events provide personal connection to customers and a product experience like nothing else can. Plus! Events help those in your inner and outer circle get to… Continue reading [How To] The 5 P’s to Rock Your Home Meeting