3 Strategies to Stay Focused

Do you find yourself getting lost in your to-do’s for your business? Pulled into multiple directions like playdates, coffee appointments, phone calls and ballet or soccer?

I totally hear you, girlfriend. I’ve been there- still get there on some days. But when I find myself a little scatter brained, I fix myself a big cup of coffee and remind myself of these three strategies.

1. Create a daily “get it done” list.

There is a reason why this step is number one. I swear by this technique. I know, it seems simple, and you might actually already be doing it, but I want to expand on why this step to keep you focused is CRUCIAL.

So lets get real. Every night, before I go to sleep I make a physical list of the tasks I HAVE to accomplish the next day. Sometimes the list is short. Sometimes the list is long. I put everything on it: business to-do’s, mom to-do’s, housework, shopping… it all goes on the list. By doing this ahead of time, I can wake up focused with a grasp of direction and a “conquer the day” mentality.

An added bonus is the feeling of accomplishment I get when I get to check something off the list. The more check marks I see, the more productive I feel… even if they’re next to little things like “make the kids lunches” or “send a thank you card.”

2. Limit your social media time (even if it’s for your business).

I don’t know about you but sometimes I catch myself mindlessly scrolling on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest. Social media is great and is a wonderful tool for your business, don’t get me wrong. You just need to make sure you’re focused on being productive while you’re logged in and not just watching funny cat videos or going down a black hole of motivational quotes… not speaking from personal experience or anything.

I’ve found that if I schedule my social media time, maybe from 10-11:00 am for example, where I’m doing everything I need for my biz in that time frame, I’m more likely to get more accomplished in other areas.

3. Stop saying “yes” to everything.

This is so hard for me. As a momboss, I have the freedom to make my schedule which is my favorite part about this lifestyle. But that sometimes means I overfill that schedule, stress myself out and get away from focusing on what I need to do to better my business or my family.

This is a personal step. You have to be the one to evaluate where you are in your business, your mom life, etc. What season of business and life are you in? A season of hustle? A season of mommin’ so hard?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you determine where your “yes’s” should really be. I like to look at each event or activity and ask myself three questions.

Will this positively impact my business/align with my purpose?

Will this benefit my family?

Is this something I need for me?

If you answer “yes” to any of the three questions, it’s probably a good idea and should go on your schedule. Next tip? Make sure you keep balance between the three questions. You shouldn’t have more “me-time” events than business or family and vice versa.

And as much as I hate to even write this because I’m a workaholic, you need to keep a balance between business and family too. My schedule is typically pretty balanced between business and family (I’m not perfect) with some “me-time” sprinkled in periodically.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

Apply these strategies when you start to feel scatter brained, overwhelmed or just stuck with no direction. Watch your focus transform and as Tony said, the energy will flow!



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