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[How To] The 5 P’s to Rock Your Home Meeting

Whether you’re just getting started in your home-based business or have been learning the ropes for quite some time, events will help you take it to the next level.

Events provide personal connection to customers and a product experience like nothing else can. Plus! Events help those in your inner and outer circle get to know YOU more; you become more than a business card, more than the face behind a product.

If you’re currently not doing events for your business, START. Read how below.

If you are doing events for your business but they’re total flops, read how below.

Sometimes events can be scary or overwhelming. I have had my share of flops and nobody-showed events. Events actually caused a bit of anxiety- sweaty palms, constant worry, frantic grocery runs, rearranged product displays… can you relate?

But after narrowing my focus and implementing this system, my events turned around. I actually feel JOY in the days and hours before an event. I love having home meetings and parties now, and want to share how you can make the simple switch too.

The 5 P’s to Rock Your Home Meeting


What is the PURPOSE for your event? Before you even schedule your next event, you have to know your purpose. Why have it in the first place?

– Are you wanting to provide education on your product or service?

– Are you wanting to sample out your products?

– Are you wanting to share your business opportunity?

Do your goals and/or vision align with the outcome of this event? So many times we schedule an event and have no business doing an event of that sort. When you’re planning your home meeting or party, make sure it aligns with your overall goals.

Being a momboss means we have to use our time wisely, right? Don’t lose any time by doing meetings or parties that won’t benefit you or your team in the long run.

Do you have the resources, products, etc. to support the event? Now that you know what you’re looking to gain by having your meeting or party, do you have the resources? Make sure that your event is within your reach – do you have the catalogs, products, etc.

Will this event bring excitement and joy? This is very important. The absolute best part about being a home-based business mama is getting to choose what we do. We get to choose who we work with. We get to choose our hours. We get to choose how we work the business. So ladies, hear me when I say this- CHOOSE JOY.

Everything you do in your business should bring you joy. When you’re planning your home meeting or party, does a smile come across your face when you think about it? Or do you start to slouch in your chair and reluctantly put it in your momboss planner? Choose happy.



Schedule it – put the pen to the paper. So many times we get these great ideas, and that’s all they ever become… ideas. In order to take your business to the next level, you have to commit right now. Put it in your planner. Set the date.

Don’t waste another second! This is kind of a “jump and learn how to fly on the way down” mentality. You are more likely to actually have the event if it’s written down.

Tip: You only need about 7-14 days notice for inviting.

After you schedule the first meeting or party… schedule the next one. Yes, that’s right. In order to take your home-based business to the next level, you have to commit to the long term. One event won’t get you to your goals. Put multiple events in your planner. You go, girl!



The old saying “practice makes perfect” is true… or close enough. What are you going to present or talk about at your home meeting or party? Run through it a couple of times! Practice in front of the mirror or if you want to be really brave… your children.

Now, when I say “practice,” I don’t mean learn all the ingredients in your product(s) and all the history of your company. Honestly, sister, no one cares.

I know it’s shocking. Let me ask you a question- picture yourself driving through a Taco Bell drive through. When you’re shouting your bean burrito order to that speaker box, do you stop and ask them, “Excuse me, where exactly are your beans grown? The sauce that is in my burrito.. can you list the ingredients for me please? Where was Taco Bell founded exactly? Who is the founder? How many states is Taco Bell in currently?”


See what I’m getting at? First off, the car behind you is super upset by now. But in all seriousness, customers want to know WHY they should buy something, not the who’s, how’s and what’s.

So “practice” means practice you’re story. What are your results? Why did you start in the first place? What will your product or service do for your customer? What benefit will they get?

Why do we ever get a bean burrito in a drive through? What’s the benefit? We’re hungry and it will satisfy us. It’s that simple.

Apply this principle to your business and how you present your product, service or opportunity.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. In most home-based businesses there are already presentations made for you. Use them. It’s easier that way – there’s no need to make it complicated.

My copy-cat story goes a little something like this…I was actually thrown into doing my first presentation. Luckily, I had about a week’s notice, but I had no idea what to say. So what did I do? I did what any bright momboss would do and googled my company’s business presentation. And I memorized every. single. word.

Yes, I admit it. I even memorized the same jokes. I rehearsed this already published presentation. Over and over and over. I think my seven-year-old might have memorized it as well.

My next step? I presented it, of course. Word by word, joke by joke. And it worked.

Don’t get me wrong, after a few presentations, I began to use my own jokes. But for that first few times, I presented what had already been done. And I practiced.



Clean your house. This is a given, right? C’mon, mombosses, you have got this step down. Even if you’re not totally domesticated (like me), you can pick up a little.

It’s hard for guests to focus on what you’re saying or sampling if there is a weird smell coming from God knows where. And unfortunately, it’s hard to find a seat if laundry is on the couch(es).

Pep talk your children. Do not judge me, but this is a step I do not forget. Ever. Our children are invested in my business just as much as I am.

They have their own set of goals tied to different business milestones (ice cream dates, Great Wolf Lodge, Disney World, etc). We give them a pep talk – nothing too complicated – we basically tell them to keep it together and not act like total lunatics for a couple hours…. for Disney World 🙂

Keep It Simple. Your guests aren’t coming over for a full-fledged buffet. They’re also not expecting to walk in to your home and find you’ve transformed your living room into a department store.

Dial down on the food a bit. Keep your display to a minimum. Best sellers and your favorites… not the entire company’s product line (even if you do, in fact, have it on hand).

What do you need for your event? Catalogs, order forms, promo items.. have all of these printed off and ready prior to the day of your event. Using your tablet or laptop? Make sure everything is charged up.

Bonus tip: I like to think of myself as a pretty “techy” person. However, I always have the paper forms on hand just in case my tablet decides to do as it pleases. (This has happened on numerous occasions)


P No. 5: PARTY

Keep it fun and casual. You’ve put effort and energy into this event! It’s time to party! Do NOT turn into a presentation or sales robot once your guests arrive.

Remember, this event will work for you if your guests get to know you! Be yourself! Let your passion shine. The rest will take care of itself, I promise.

Depending on your presentation or type of event – keep your event to one hour. If you keep it simple, this step won’t be difficult. No body likes an event that drags on and on. You can make it happen in 60 minutes or less.

As moms, we’ve done a lot more impressive things in 5 minutes: dissolve a knock-down drag-out between our kids, completely clean up after spaghetti night, teach our children the difference between right and wrong.. I could keep going.

Be Memorable – Leave them better. You’re main focus at any event is to make sure your guests leave better and/or happier than when they arrived. This is your business and your event, but above all, you want your guests to have a blast.

So there you go. The 5 P’s to Rock Your Home Meeting. Put these into your system and watch your events go from floppin’ to rockin.’ I hope you got value from this. I wish you all the success in the world at your next meeting or party.





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