You Have Potential

Hey, girl.

Have you ever penciled down a creative idea or mapped out your life on a napkin? Had an epiphany in the shower or wanted to leave some type of positive impact on the world? Have you ever soothed a crying baby to sleep or made an absolutely delicious meal that your children actually ate? You have potential.

The problem is, most of us (women, moms in particular) don’t realize it. Our dreams sometimes get overshadowed and buried by the to-do lists, the errands, the carpool activities or the job-we-have-only-to-pay-the-bills. We keep telling ourselves that tomorrow, we’ll make it happen, that the time for our true passion will come someday. When the kids are grown, when the laundry pile isn’t so high, next week, next month, next year. You know what I’m talking about. You can’t settle for that. You have potential.

Has someone told you this lately? How wonderful you are? That you were created for greatness and have unlimited possibilities. That your potential and your dreams matter! You are capable. You are an inspiration. Stop thinking you can’t. Stop thinking your dreams are small. All the great leaders and companies we know today started in a dark, musty, grease-stained garage: Amazon, Disney, Apple… I could keep going.

You might not be in a garage. I see you though. Maybe you’re surrounded by unmatched socks, animated movies or bedtime struggles. Date night is a fading memory, and you’re constantly looking for your coffee cup you sat somewhere (yes, it’s cold).

Listen, sister. I’ve been where you are; I’ve asked myself the same questions.

-Can it really happen for me? For my family?

-Do I make a difference?

I’ve felt how you are feeling; I’ve told myself the same lies.

-I’m just one woman.

-My voice isn’t significant.

-That would never work for someone like me.


Don’t let doubt win. Don’t let doubt stamp out your fire. Quit waiting until tomorrow. Quit waiting for someday. You have unlimited potential. You have unlimited possibilities. You were created for adventure and success. You were created to prosper and to make a difference in the lives of your family, your friends, your world.

You can do it all. You can handle the to-do lists, the errands, the tiny humans. You can fuel your passion. Today, I encourage you to take that step. Start that journey. Be a difference maker, a world changer, risk taker, rockstar woman/mom/wife/daughter and, most importantly, a doer.

Take that potential, passion, beauty and strength and make it happen… today!



4 thoughts on “You Have Potential”

  1. Way to go for it Kelsey! You are a shinning example that you can have it all! I have epiphanies in the shower all the time, and in Yoga or spin class. I guess that’s where I can shut off the stuff coming at me for long enough to have those little moments of clarity! You got this Kelsey! Proud of you girlfriend!

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  2. Love it, Kelsey! I smiled all the way through it, identifying with everything you said! I found myself sitting taller as I read further! Very inspirational! See, you were meant to inspire others! Keep up the great work!
    Love, Tricia

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